Can You Put A Hot Tub On Your Roof? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you've got a flat roof on your home, that can be a promising spot to put a hot tub. However, that's a big job and to ensure it's done correctly, you may need to consult with several different professionals. Here's an overview of the investigation and installation process for a rooftop hot tub.

1. Consult With a Structural Engineer

Before fully committing to putting a hot tub on your roof, you should consult with a structural engineer. Many rooftop patios are designed to accommodate people walking around on top of them, but a hot tub centralizes a lot of weight. You have to take into account the weight of the hot tub, the weight of the water and the people in the hot tub. Then, you have to consider that all of that weight is going to be on your roof in a single spot. To ensure your roof can hold that, you should talk with a structural engineer.

2. Have a Roofing Expert Reinforce Your Roof

In some cases, the structural engineer will give you the go ahead and you can skip this step, but in most cases, you will need to reinforce your existing roof. There are multiple options. If you want the hot tub to go directly on the roof, a roofer may need to add extra joists. For instance, some sturdy designs double up all the roof trusses along the width of the area that the hot tub sits on. In other cases, if reinforcing the roof trusses isn't feasible — for example, in cases where you've just put on a new roof and don't want to remove it to reach the trusses — you may need to build a large deck that gets support from other areas but sits over the roof.

3. Remember Power and Drainage

Even if there are outlets on your flat roof, you may need to add new ones. Most hot tubs can't run on standard outlets. In addition, you will need to add some drainage to the area. That could be a drain that connects to your main sewer system, or it could be drains along the perimeter of the roof area that connect to your gutters.

4. Consult With a City Inspector

In many municipalities, you have to get a building permit for a project like this. To be on the safe side, contact the building department in your city. They can let you know about necessary permits and inspections.

Finally, when the planning is done, you can hire a crane to hoist the hot tub on the roof. Then, you can sit back and enjoy your new roof area. For more information, contact companies like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc.