5 Things to Think About When Choosing a Contractor to Install Your New Roof

If your roof is more than 20 years old, shows signs of buckling, or you can see daylight through your roof boards, it's probably time to plan a new roof installation as soon as the opportunity arises. The first step in having your roof replaced is finding a reliable contractor to work with throughout the process. Here are a few things to think about when consulting with various contractors and deciding which one you want to hire:

Working Hours and Timelines

When considering which prospective roofing contractor to hire during your search, it's a good idea to make sure you fully understand each of their business hours in terms of which hours of the day and which days of the week they plan to work on your installation project. It's also important to have them all give you an accurate timeline as to how long the entire project should take from beginning to end.

Ask each prospective contractor you consult with to provide you with their intended working hours and timelines in writing. You can use the information to compare your options and hold the contractor you decide to hire accountable for the expectations they set.

Tool and Material Storage

Another thing to think about when choosing a roofing contractor to work with is how they'll store their tools and materials during your project to keep them safe from weather elements and possible theft? Will they bring a portable storage unit to your property to store stuff, or haul it in and out every day that they show up to work on your installation project? Y

ou shouldn't be held responsible for the protection and safety of your contractor's tools and the roofing supplies that are being used for your installation. Make sure there is a solid plan in place before agreeing to hire any specific service provider.

Debris Management

There will likely be a lot of garbage and debris to deal with throughout your roofing installation project, so find out how each prospective contractor plans to manage it all. They shouldn't leave it all to build up and then clean the property after the project is complete, as this can be dangerous for kids and pets that live in your household.

If there aren't any debris management procedures already in place for the contractor you want to hire, consider renting a dumpster so they can clean up as they work. Have whatever procedure you agree to put in writing so both parties can sign it and you can count on your property being kept in good shape from beginning to end.

Extended Warranty Options

While the roofing materials you purchase for your installation should come with some type of manufacturers' warranty, it's a good idea to inquire about extended warranty options that may be available through each prospective contractor you consider working with. Depending on the companies and manufacturers that the contractors themselves work with, they'll likely all offer their own unique warranty opportunities to take advantage of that are worth comparing to one another.

Ask for copies of all the extended warranties available for purchase through each contractor you consult with so you can compare their prices, what's covered, and how long your roof will be protected for. This information can help you decide which contractor will provide you with the most options as well as best meet your needs and preferences when all is said and done.

Ongoing Maintenance

It may not be the first thing on your mind while planning a new roof installation project, but long-term maintenance should be considered when choosing a contractor to hire for the job. The person who oversees your installation should be the one to do all the maintenance and repairs as time goes on so you don't have to search for another reliable service provider to do it when the time comes.

Make sure that the contractor you end up hiring is willing to do the maintenance and repairs as needed, as they'll know everything they need to know to help ensure optimal performance throughout the years. To learn more about the process, contact services like Trinity Contracting & Construction.