Have Wood Shakes For Your Roof? Know How To Maintain Them

If you just bought a home that has wood shakes instead of asphalt shingles for roofing, you may be curious about how you should take care of them. Wood shakes can last for quite some time with the right care, so it is important that you know how they can be cleaned and repaired. Here are a few tips you should be sure to follow.

Prevent Fungus With Regular Cleaning

One of the keys to maintaining wood shakes is regular cleaning. It is the best way to stop fungus from growing on the material, which can eventually cause it to rot. You can clean wood shakes using a garden hose, broom, and mop.

Star by sweeping off the material to remove any loose dirt and debris. Then create a mild cleaning solution by adding a small amount of bleach to a bucket of water. This helps kill off any mold spores that will be on the roofing material, as well as remove stains while they are fresh. Dip the mop in the cleaning solution, run it over the roofing material, and rinse it off with your garden hose.

Remove Fungus and Stains With Pressure Washing

If you've ignored doing regular cleaning, you will eventually find fungus on the roof. Basic cleaning won't get rid of it, which means you'll need to pressure wash your roof instead. The end result will be wood shakes that look brand new again. Simply spray down the roof with a commercial cleaning solution designed for wood shakes, working from the top all the way to the bottom.

Protect The Roof With A Sealant or Stain

Another way to provide protection is to add a coat of sealant or stain to the roofing material. For the sealant, you can actually use a similar sealant that you would use on a deck. To make putting on the sealant easier, it can be applied using a paint sprayer. Keep in mind that you should pressure wash your roof before you do any sealing to ensure the material is clean.

Repair Damaged Wood Shake When Needed

Wood shakes can potentially crack from normal wear and tear. When you notice that one is damaged, you should have the material repaired. It is best to leave this task to a professional roofer that has experience with fixing wood shakes, since they will know how to preserve the material so it continues to blend in with your roof.

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