Tips For Moss Removal And Prevention On Your Roof

Moss on your roof might give your house a unique rustic look, but the problems that come with it are more concerning than any aesthetics it can provide. Moss creates issues that result in water getting under shingles, creating leaks, and water damming. When moisture becomes trapped, it also causes your roofing material to prematurely deteriorate. These tips will help you learn some techniques to remove moss from your roof and prevent it from coming back.


One way to prevent any moss from forming on your home's roof is to use flashing that contains zinc in it. The material has a unique way of preventing moss, which is done by releasing some zinc oxide over your roof's surface every time it rains. The zinc actually acts like an herbicide, spreading over the roof along with the rain water, and preventing any moss from growing in the places it has touched. This flashing material should be installed along the peak of the roof, since it can be very effective at covering the roof every time it rains.

Keeping a roof moss free also involves finding ways to keep the roof dry. A great way to do this is by trimming any large tree branches that cast a constant shadow on your roof. Not only do these branches create shade, but can be a way that water drips onto the roof if the branch hangs over it. Over time, this makes it more likely for moss growth to occur, even though it seems like it is completely unrelated.


When trying preventative techniques are not working and moss does show up on your roof, steps need to be taken to remove it as soon as possible. Your local hardware store will sell oxygen bleach in powder form, which will work great when it comes to eliminating moss. All you need to do is add water to the powder, and bubbles will be released that destroy the existing bond between your roof and the moss.

After the moss is no longer attached, you can sweep the moss off your roof. Only sweep in a downward motion with the shingles, since sweeping the opposite way could cause damage and shove moss underneath them. If you sweep too hard, it can also ruin the protective coating on your shingles.

If you don't feel confident getting up on your home's roof to handle the removal, then contact a local roofing contractor to handle the job for you.