How To Keep Costs Down When You Choose Metal Roofing

Metal roofing offers a number of benefits for your home. It's energy-efficient, helping to keep AC bills down by reflecting the sunlight; it's lightweight, making it a good choice for homes with older and weaker foundations; and it's very durable, lasting for decades longer than a standard asphalt roof. However, metal roofing can carry a high price tag. Luckily, there are some ways to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

Choose panels over individual shingles.

There are two main styles of metal roofs. Some come in large panels, which stretch from the peak of the roof to its edge. A roof of this type may have 12 or 16 panels. Other metal roofs are made from individual, shingle-size pieces. These cost more since they are more difficult to manufacture and apply to the roof. You can keep costs down by choosing metal panels rather than shingles.

Opt for steel over aluminum.

Aluminum and steel are the two materials used most often for metal roofs. Some are made from copper, but these are much more expensive and harder to come by. Steel roofing tends to be less expensive than aluminum, and it's just as durable. The only time when it's really worth it to pay a bit more for aluminum is if you're in a coastal area. The salty air will eat away at the steel and lead to corrosion, whereas aluminum will hold up just fine.

Pick a simple color.

You can find metal roofs that are painted and textured to look like wooden shingles and even slate tiles. You can find ones that are meant to look like bricks or concrete. While these patterns are unique and interesting, they are more costly than buying a simple, painted metal roof. A plain brown, tan, cream, or gray roof will be more affordable.

Opt for recycled materials.

Metal roofs made from a large percentage of recycled materials are generally cheaper than those made from "new" materials. Plus, buying a recycled roof is an eco-friendly choice and may even leave you eligible for certain tax credits for "green" building upgrades.

Keep in mind that prices also vary from contractor to contractor. If you're on a tight budget, it's worth your while to get quotes from a few different roofing companies, like Jerry's Roofing, and then choose the one that's most affordable for you. Ask your contractors specifically for a steel, basic-colored, recycled roof made from panels to be sure you've given affordable choices.