Simple Maintenance Steps That Will Prolong The Life Of Your Shingled Roof

If you have a relatively new asphalt-shingled rooftop, you are likely to enjoy the appearance it gives to your homestead while it protects the interior from the elements. There are a few steps you can take in caring for your roof to help your shingles last for as long as possible. Here are some maintenance steps you should follow regularly so your shingles do not deteriorate prematurely.

Trim Back Overhanging Limbs And Branches

If you live in a wooded area, the trees around your home can cause havoc to your shingles. Trees that emit sap could lead to hardened syrupy puddles upon your shingles. Pests living in nearby foliage can lead to damage of your rooftop if they use branches as bridges to the top of your home. Branches themselves can scrape the shingles. Make it a priority to trim back any branches around your home to minimize these risks.

Clean The Top Of Your Rooftop Often

When yard debris ends up on top of your roof, moisture tends to saturate it, leading to weakened shingles underneath. It is extremely important to remove any debris you notice on your shingles as soon as possible to minimize the accumulation of water upon their surfaces. Use a roofing broom to remove loose debris. Debris that becomes embedded between shingles may require help from a leaf blower to effectively dislodge it from crevices. If your area suffers from a large storm, make a point to go outdoors to check out the condition of your rooftop after it passes through so debris can be removed quickly.

Get Evaluations Done Yearly

It is best to call professional residential roofing services to check out the condition of your rooftop on a yearly basis. They will know the signs of shingle decay and will make any appropriate repairs needed so your home does not suffer from damage due to moisture problems. If you routinely get up on your roof yourself to assess it for problems, be on the lookout for loose black granules, as this is a sign of shingle deterioration. Shingles that have curled edges or pitted markings also signify a need for a replacement.

Tend To Your Gutters Regularly

Gutters attached to your home can cause havoc to shingles hanging over them if clean-outs are not done regularly. The accumulation of yard debris in a gutter will most likely lead to moisture levels that affect the bottoms of shingles on your roof. If moisture continuously saturates these shingles, they will start to weaken, leading to breakage as a result. Do a monthly inspection of your gutters and scoop out any material found inside at this time to help in keeping your shingles intact.