Roof Replacement Questions Anwered

The installation of a new roof is one of the most important costs that you can make when it comes to maintaining your home. Yet, replacing a roof is a task that many homeowners may not have ever had done to their property. As the time approaches to have this work done to your roof, you will want to enhance your understanding about this particular project.

Is It Worth The Cost To Replace Your Roof?

It should not be surprising that the costs of replacing a roof can be rather sizable. In fact, this can be a discouraging factor for many people as they may wonder whether this investment is worthwhile. This can be particularly true if the roof does not show any obvious damages or problems. However, failing to replace a roof can lead to substantial problems for the house. In particular, it can be possible for moisture to start leaking into the home. Additionally, gaps can form in the roof that will allow your air conditioned or heated air to escape from inside the house. The costs of repairing these damages and the decreased energy efficiency can represent a sizable expense. By investing in a replacement roof, you can avoid these expenses, which can prove to be the economical choice.

How Long Will Your Home's Roof Replacement Take?

The process of replacing a roof can seem like it will take many weeks to complete. However, most medium sized homes can have this work completed within a week or two. Furthermore, the time needed for this work can be decreased if it is possible to simply recover the roof. When recovering the roof, the contractor will lay a new layer of shingles on top of the older ones rather than completely replacing them.

What Can Be Done To Protect Your Newly Installed Roof?

After you have invested in a new roof, you will want to take extremely good care of it to make sure that it will last for as long as possible. Roof maintenance is one of the aspects of owning a house that people will often have little experience doing. Caring for a roof will not be difficult, but it will require you to regularly clean it and have it professionally inspected. Ideally, you should clean the roof during the fall after the trees have finished shedding their leaves. During this cleaning, you should also pay for the contractor to thoroughly inspect the roof before winter arrives. This is due to the stresses that heavy snow and ice accumulations can pose. An inspection will uncover many developing structural issues with the roof so that they can be repaired before the winter months arrive.

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