Have The Recent Storms Destroyed Your Roof? 3 Steps To Help You Recover From The Damage

Now that the severe weather has passed, it's time to start dealing with the cleanup. Hurricanes and strong tropical storms can wreak havoc on your home from top to bottom. Flooding can destroy the interior of your home, while strong winds and rains can destroy your roof; not to mention the damage it can do to the rest of your home. If your home has sustained roof damage during this last storm, you'll need to act fast to take care of the repairs. The last thing you want is repeated destruction due to a leaky roof. Once the storm has completely passed, and it's safe to enter your property again, the steps provided here will help you take care of the roof damage.

Assess the Damage

When you return to your home following the storm, you'll need to be prepared to assess the damage. You should bring a notepad, pen or pencil, and something to record the damage with. You'll want to take pictures and video of the devastation. Don't try to climb on your roof though. You never know if there's structural damage under the roofing material. Instead, take pictures and video of your roof damage from ground level. Once you've assessed the damage for yourself, you'll need to call a roofing company for a thorough inspection. The roofing company will provide you with the damage documentation you'll need when you submit a claim to your insurance company.

Don't Settle for No

After a big storm, insurance companies are inundated with damage claims. In some cases, insurance companies try to limit their losses by denying claims that should have been approved. If your insurance company denies your initial claim for damages, don't settle for the no. Instead, contact a public insurance adjuster and have them come out for an inspection of the damage. Once you get a public insurance adjuster on your side, and you've got your completed damage report from your roofing company, you shouldn't have any trouble getting your claim approved.

Upgrade Your Roofing

If this was the first big storm to pass through your area, don't assume that it will be the last. Chances are good that you'll face another big storm at sometime in the future. It's important that you be prepared for the next one. That includes getting an upgrade on your roof. Now that you're replacing your roof after the damage caused by this storm, talk to your roofing contractor about upgrading your roof to one that can withstand stronger winds and rains. Upgrading your roof may help protect your home during the next storm.

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