2 Tips To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape This Fall

Now that fall is almost here, there are many things you need to do outside to get ready for it. One of these things is to prevent damage to your roof. There are many things that can damage a roof and especially around the fall months. To prevent this from happening to you, below are two tips so you will not have to replace your roof.


Once fall arrives the leaves start to fall and this includes falling on your roof if you have trees near your home. Over time, these leaves build up and they can cause damage. When it rains and the leaves become wet they hold water. This water is directly against your shingles and will cause them to deteriorate.

Leaves can also clog up your gutters, which not only damages the gutters but also damages the roof. When water cannot flow through the gutters, it gets under roof's underlayment and then into your attic. Once water gets into your attic, mold and mildew can build up. The underlayment may also become damaged over time if the gutters are not cleaned.

You can use a leaf blower to remove leaves from your roof, as well as from your gutters. If you have a lot of built up wet leaves, you will have to use a garden hose to remove them.

Tree Limbs

If you have trees that have grown over the summer and the tree limbs are close to your home, you need to hire a tree trimming company to trim your trees for you. It gets windy during the fall and if limbs scratch up against your roof they will cause damage over time. Limbs could also fall on your roof which can cause a lot of damage.

Do not attempt to trim the trees on your own as if not done correctly the trees could die or you could get injured. The tree trimming company will shape the trees so that they look nice and ensure the limbs will not get on your roof. This is also beneficial as this will keep less leaves from falling on your roof.

If you have any unhealthy trees near your home, ask the tree trimming company to cut them down for you if there is no way to treat the trees. Unhealthy trees become weak and limbs will drop off drastically.

Hire a roofing contractor to come to your home and do a roof inspection. If you have had your roof in some time they may suggest that you install a brand new one. If the contractor only finds a few problems, such as missing or broken shingles, they can repair the roof for you. If there are bigger issues, you may want to consider a new roof installation.