4 Tips For Making Bold Colors Work For Your Roof

Metal roofing provides almost unlimited color options. As a homeowner, when you choose a metal roof, you are no longer bound by either traditional or natural colors. However, many homeowners still choose a color that is close to ones found in other materials. If you want to break out of the mold and choose a truly bold color for your roof, metal roofing will allow you to do so. But because your roof will stand out, it is important that you follow some simple guidelines to pull off a non-traditional look, such as:

Consider Your Surroundings

Most traditional roofs blend in with nature. Roofs match the bark of trees, earth tones, or nearby sand and clay. This makes your house look like part of the landscape as opposed to standing out. If you draw your inspiration for your roof color from nature around your house, your house will look grounded and in place. But this doesn't mean you have to stick to traditional neutrals. Instead, match the red of the poppies in the field behind your house or the aquamarine of the lake nearby. 

Follow the Light and Dark Rules 

In general, tall houses and roofs with steep pitches are dark to minimize the height and help the home not look too overbearing. Conversely, single story homes with low-pitched roofs tend to have lighter colors to help the home look taller. While you can play with any color in the spectrum, try to follow these basic rules regarding light and dark shades to make your house look proportionate and pleasing to the eye. 

Create Some Matching Accents 

You don't have to match your roof to your siding or your trim color. In fact, if you have a bold roof color, using too much of the color throughout your exterior can be overwhelming. But you should have some matching accents to tie your roof into your home. For instance, you can paint your door to match your roof or have planters the same color as your roof outside on your front porch. This will help your roof look intentional and less shocking. For an even more detailed look, plant flowers the same color as your roof in your garden. 

Do you want a bright pink or purple roof but are afraid of what people might think? Following the above rules can help you feel more confident about choosing a more modern, alternative roof color.