Roofing Options On A Budget

If you are getting a new roof installed, you are probably aware of the fact that the project is not going to be cheap. But this does not mean you will have to ditch the budget that you have set beforehand. You'll find that there is a wide array of roofing materials that you can chose from. This make it easier for you to choose the kinds that would look good and would be most functional for your home.

Before you decide to call a roofing contractor to get the project started, here are some of the cheapest roofing materials that you might want to consider using.

Galvanized Steel Roofs

If you have a home that has flat or steep roof lines, then this material would make a good pick. Since you want to lessen the costs that are involved in the installation, the lower end of these materials is generally inexpensive. The fact that they have a good lifespan makes them a very ideal choice. A budget of $15,000 will be enough to install a solid roof in your home which can be expected to last for fifty to even 75 years. 

Wood Shingles

Another popular and inexpensive option when it comes to roofing materials are wood shingles. The natural appearance of these materials makes them really ideal for a lot of homeowners. A typical installation of home shingle roofing can cost slightly less than steel roofs. However, it is important to remember that these roofing materials tend to be susceptible to fire. They require frequent and careful maintenance. Their lifespan is much shorter too, at 20 years. There are synthetic wood shingles that are fire resistant and require less maintenance.

Asphalt Shingles    

Probably the most commonly used roofing material today, asphalt shingles are also considered as the cheapest. A typical installation usually amounts to a total of $8,000. They have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. There are laminated and architectural asphalt shingles too. They can cost a little more but they tend to have more aesthetic appeal.

Budget really has to be taken into consideration when installing roofing. From the costs of the materials to the costs involved for the labor it is important that homeowners should research their choices before making a decision. At the end of the day, they should not only be concerned with the cheapest material they can find but also with its overall quality and lifespan. If you have more questions, contact companies like M & M Roofing & Siding Co.