Keeping Algae Off Of A Roof With Asphalt Shingles

One of the most detrimental things to asphalt shingles is algae, which is why you should try to keep it off of your roof as much as possible. Limestone is one of the materials that makes up asphalt shingles. Algae is bad because it can remove the limestone, which makes the shingles look bad and not good for your roof. You can prevent the damage that algae can cause by getting the roof cleaned by a professional every now and then. This article contains helpful information in regards to algae on a roof that has asphalt shingles and keeping it clean.

What Algae Looks Like

Algae can form in numerous different colors, such as red and brown. Basically, the color develops based on the number of colored molecules that are contained in each cell. When algae begins to spread on asphalt shingles, it might appear as dark streaks that can be mistaken for simply being dirt. However, algae is much more detrimental to your roof than dirt because of the damage that it can cause. If you see dark streaks on your roof, contact a professional to do an inspection and determine if they are from algae being present.

Why Limestone is Needed in Asphalt Shingles

Limestone is important when it comes to asphalt shingles for several reasons. Shingles are used for adding appeal to the roof, but also to protect the deck from exposure to harmful outside elements. When algae removes the limestone from the shingles, it causes holes to develop that can then lead to more problems. For example, holes in shingles makes a way for rainwater and other elements to damage the roof deck. Limestone can also decrease the effect that ultraviolet radiation has on a roof by deflecting it away.

How Algae Can Get Removed

The best technique to use for keeping algae off of your roof is to hire a professional roof cleaning company. Professionals will bring commercial pressure washing equipment to your house and use it to wash the algae away. Keep in mind that you can purchase or rent pressure washing equipment on your own, but can damage the shingles if the cleaning process isn't handled right. The reason why is because the water and other liquid that comes out of the equipment comes out with a large amount of pressure that can knock the shingles off of the roof. Professionals will know how to position the equipment at the right angle to prevent the shingles from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

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