The Perks of Wood-Style Synthetic Tiles

Wooden shingles are used for roofing all over the world, on all building types and styles. A wooden shingle can look great on pretty much any home, from a tract home to a rustic cabin. Many people desire the look of wooden shingles, but they want something that will last longer and be a little more durable. Wood is susceptible to water and termite damage. Either type of damage can compromise your roof without proper maintenance. Homeowners who want something a little more reliable but still like the look of wood will often invest in synthetic products with manufactured wood prints. Here are three reasons why synthetic materials are great for homeowners who want the look of real wood.

Synthetic Materials Are Waterproof

Wood is not naturally waterproof. Many synthetic materials, on the other hand, can handle any amount of moisture. A synthetic roof should not be affected in any major way by water. The surface will not warp, deteriorate, fade, or get waterlogged when it gets wet. Wood shingles look great, but they are a particularly impractical choice for homeowners in rainy climates. Synthetic materials are such a great alternative.

Synthetics Last Longer

Another great thing about synthetic materials is that they have far greater lifespans. A synthetic roof can easily last 100 years, whereas a wood shingle roof might only last 30 years. Wood shingles require lots of time and money to keep up and replace over the years. But since synthetic products have virtually no upkeep required after installation, they are a very convenient choice.

Synthetic Wood Prints Look Very Real

It is also worth mentioning that synthetic styles are very realistic looking. They have become more advanced, and there are a wider range of style choices on the market. Some people say that synthetic products don't look as good because, when you examine them up close, it is easy to tell that they are not actually made out of wood. This might be true when it comes to holding a synthetic roofing tile in your hand. However, when the roofing tile is actually installed on your roof, it will be hard to tell the difference from so far away.

In the end, synthetic roofing tiles are a great choice for homeowners who want something is going to be easier to take care of in the long run. For more information about roof installation, contact companies like Premier Roofing Co.