The Basics Of Applying A Reflecting Roof Coating

Does your building have a roof that is flat and black? If so, know that the surface color can be responsible for absorbing heat from the sun, which results in the space inside being hotter than normal. These types of roofs can really benefit from using a reflecting roof coating. Here are the basics for applying one on your own.

Tools and Materials

You'll need these items before you can get started:

Roof Coating

Your local home improvement store sells roof coatings in either 1- or 5-gallon buckets. You can figure out how much you need by calculating your roof's square footage. Just measure the width and length of your roof in feet, then multiply the numbers together. The roof coating will tell you how many square feet the container should cover.


You'll want a steady ladder to climb up onto your roof. It should be long enough to extend a couple of feet past the edge of the roof, which makes it secure for stepping onto your roof.


You'll need rollers and brushes to apply the roof coating to your roof. Purchase a white brush for cutting in around items that stick out from your roof, like ventilation pipes. Rollers can be used to cover the majority of your roof. You will also need a scrub brush on an extension pole to clean the roof.


The key to applying a reflecting roof coat is to pick a day when the weather is dry, with no rain in the forecast after you plan to apply the reflective coating. Your reflective coating may have a specific temperature listed for where it is best applied.

The day before the application, plan to clean the roof by brushing off the surface; you should also scrub down the surface using your scrub brush. The surface needs to dry for a day before you can apply the reflective coating.

When you're ready to start painting the reflective coating on, pay attention to the directions for how to apply it; reflective roof paint often has metal fibers in it, which require the paint to be applied with strokes in the same direction. You will not be able to go back and forth over the same spots to make sure you have even coverage. Be prepared to make several passes in the same direction instead.

If you don't want the hassle of doing this whole process on your own, hire a roofing contractor to do it for you. Visit sites like for more information.