Is Overlaying Shingles An Option For Your Reroofing Project?

When the roofing on your home fails, the damage extends well beyond the roof itself. If you're considering having your home reroofed, you may be considering having a roofing overlay installed.

Opting to overlay the existing roofing consists of just that—instead of all of the old roofing materials being ripped off and disposed of, the new roofing materials are placed directly over them. This could be a money-saving option in some cases, but it's not suitable for others. Here, you'll find some information that can help you determine if an overlay is the solution to your roofing problem.

Multiple Layers of Shingles

If your home has already been reroofed using the overlay process, you'd do best to have it all ripped off and replaced. Too many layers of shingles will make it difficult for firefighters to put out roofing and attic fires, and the roof may still leak once the new shingles are placed.

Failing Sub-Roofing

If the sub-roofing on the home is failing, the old shingles will need to be removed in order to repair the sub-roofing. You don't want to put another layer of roofing shingles over the shingles that are covering the rotting wood because it will just cause more problems.

If the roof feels spongy in areas, the wood underneath the shingles is failing and will need to be replaced. This rot is caused two ways—by water leaking under the existing shingles and by inadequate attic ventilation. If the attic isn't ventilated properly, the moisture will be trapped inside, and it will eventually cause the sub-roofing and even the support beams to rot.

Due to how serious this problem can be, it is best to leave the repairs to the professionals. Not only will the repairs be made properly, but the roofing contractor can identify what caused the wood to rot and make the necessary repairs to prevent it from happening again.

Poor Condition of Existing Shingles

If the shingles on the roof are torn, lifting in the corners, or not straight, then you'd do best to remove them and start fresh. If you attempt to install shingles over shingles that are in poor condition, the new ones won't look as nice, and they won't be able to protect your home as they should.

It is best to discuss your options with a professional roofing contractor. He or she will provide you with the insight that you need to make the decision that will not only work with your budget, but that will keep your home dry and looking its best. Check out websites like to learn more.