An Intro To French Style Roofs

If installing a new roof material is your next major home investment, you are on the right path. Roof replacement is a wise home remodel that has so many benefits to the homeowner. Obviously, there are so many different roofing materials and styles to choose from that you have to do a lot of research. You need to consider what will make your home look great, but also what might improve the efficiency of your home. This article focuses on just one of the most practical materials for a slope roof. You will learn all about the perks of installing concrete French tiles.

French Style

A french style roof is defined by the actual shape of the tiles. Obviously, every French roofing tile does not look exactly the same, but they have the same general shape, and create the same patterns on a roof that is complete.

Different Materials

Obviously, concrete is not the only popular material for French roofing tiles. Clay, ceramic, and terra-cotta are other popular materials. So, what is so great about concrete? First of all, concrete is usually the cheapest of these options, and it is also the longest lasting. The longevity of a concrete roof depends mostly on where you live. In climates where there is more sun, rain, or snow, the surface is going to fade and wear down quicker. You also have to worry about things falling on your roof. So, if you have large trees over your roof, that might break during severe storm conditions, then it could damage your roof. That being said, a concrete tile that is never damaged by such impact should last well over 30 years, regardless of your climate. In dry and mild climates, the concrete can last well over 50 years. Most people never clean or maintain their roof, so a durable concrete surface is much appreciated.

Different Concrete Options

The great thing about concrete, especially over red tiles like clay or terra-cotta is the fact that you have so many color options. Concrete can be dyed pretty much any color, or can be left raw for the natural gray look. Some tiles are glazed with a shiny, colored finish. Glazed tiles are useful in wet climates because they aren't vulnerable to water damage which can result in green build up within the open pores.

In the end, it is usually easy to find a concrete French style tile that looks great with your exterior. To learn more, visit Ray's Accurate Roofing.