Are You Building A Mexican Restaurant?

Is your goal of having your own Mexican restaurant about to come true? Perhaps you love to cook and you have dozens of family recipes that go back to times when you ate meals at your grandmother's house. If you have decided that you could be successful by putting those recipes to work in a restaurant, you are more than likely in the process of deciding how to design the actual restaurant. From selecting the roof to choosing the materials for the facade of the restaurant, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Roof - If you want a very traditional look to your Mexican restaurant, consider selecting a red tile roof like the ones you would find in places like Cuernavaca or Saltillo. This type of roof might be the most expensive choice, but the tile roof would withstand inclement weather and it would last for a very long time. If you want a more contemporary look to your tile roof, think of choosing a different color than red. For example, turquoise would definitely add drama to the look of your restaurant.

A tin roof would be a great choice, too. Perhaps you've been to Tex-Mex restaurants in cities like Laredo or San Antonio. If so, you might have seen tin roofs on those restaurants. Tin will also last a long time, and it will probably be less costly than a tile roof.

If you're on a pretty tight budget, shingles are probably the best choice for your Mexican restaurant. While a shingle roof may not last as long as a tile roof or a tin roof, shingle roofs are easily repaired, so you'll still get many good years from selecting one.

The Facade - No matter if you select a tile roof, a tin roof, or a shingle roof, each choice will go well with the material you choose for the facade of the building. Consider combining materials. For example, you might want adobe for the main part of the facade, Add interest to the adobe by trimming windows and the front door with bricks or rocks. In fact, for a very dramatic look choose to use adobe, bricks and rocks as the design for the facade of your Mexican restaurant. All three materials will last for a very long time and will be easy to maintain. Don't forget to add arches to the design of the facade to give your Mexican restaurant a traditional look. 

Contact a commercial roofing company for more help.