Three Ways To Increase The Appeal Of Your Commercial Property

If you're like many commercial property owners, you sometimes struggle with attracting and retaining the right tenants, particularly if you're zoned for business offices and retail spaces rather than warehousing and industrial ventures. If you live in an area with a competitive commercial market, you're probably wondering how to make your property more appealing in the eyes of prospective customers. Although there is no magic formula that's going to make every potential tenant want to sign a lease on the spot, there are strategies that will increase the overall appeal of your property — the following are three of them. 

Give Your Landscaping a Makeover

Curb appeal is just as important in commercial properties as with their residential counterparts, so take a serious look at your landscaping and fix whatever's lacking. Commercial landscaping needs to be easy to care for and attractive and shouldn't compromise the safety of clients, their customers and employees, or those merely walking past. Overgrown shrubbery and poor lighting may provide cover for criminal activity, so make sure everything is bright and well-manicured. Your parking lot and walkways should also be in the best possible repair, with no cracks, holes, or other issues that may cause anyone to trip. Also, avoid planting trees that drop fruit, nuts, or sap — although these may be lovely in residential landscapes, they're potential safety hazards on commercial properties, particularly if they're near walking surfaces. 

Polish Your Entry and Reception Areas 

The appearance of your entry and reception areas should be beyond reproach if you want your property to be as appealing as possible to prospective tenants. A polished look begins with the floor. This can be tricky, however, because materials such as hardwood flooring and plush carpeting don't stand up well in high-traffic areas. Luxury vinyl flooring is among the best choices because it's durable, easy to clean, and maintains a good appearance over a long period of time even in busy buildings. Be sure to use nonslip flooring to reduce chances of accidents by visitors or tenants. Colors in your reception and entry areas should be neutral and calming — think blues, grays, and seafoam green. Classic furniture and decor items look better in commercial settings than their trendy counterparts, and it won't look dated after a few years. Be sure to include a little greenery in the form of easy-care indoor plants to provide a finishing touch. 

Implement Some Green Upgrades

Speaking of green, today's tenants like green upgrades for a variety of reasons. Almost everyone likes the idea of conserving energy on principle, but they like it more when it actually saves them money on a personal level. Fortunately, there are many green options available to owners of commercial properties that help reduce utility costs for tenants. For instance, adding solar panels are an easy way to decrease outside energy usage, and replacing outdated HVAC systems also saves money, especially when combined with tightly sealed, power-saving doors and windows. Replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting is another great way to go green.

One of the best ways to go green with your commercial building is to have a cool roof installed. These work by providing a reflective surface that reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. Air conditioning costs will be less when a cool roof is a part of the picture, and you'll also reduce your contribution to any local heat island effects. Several types of cool roofs exist — many are as simple as an application of reflective commercial roof coating, while others are more elaborate and involve elements such as rooftop gardens. 

Your local commercial roofing contractor can provide you with more information about the type of commercial roof coating that will work best for your individual situation.