Installing A New Roof On Your Home With Attractive Metal Products

If you are ready for a new roof, there are many metal roofing materials to consider. Why should you use metal roofing for your home? It is one of the most durable materials and will reduce maintenance costs. There are other benefits to installing a metal roof, such as it being more resistant to storm damage. The following information will help you choose the best metal roofing for your home:

Affordable Roof-Overs with Panels

One of the first options to consider for a new roof is a roof-over. This is when there is a new roof installed over the existing materials. Metal paneling roof-overs are an affordable solution for homes with worn shingles. This is a great solution to save on the cost of tearing off old shingles when a new roof is installed.

Metal Tiles for the Look of Shingles

When installing a new roof, there are better metal roofing materials that can improve the design of your home. One of these products is metal tile roofing. Things to consider before the installation of metal roofing tiles include:

  • Choosing the style of stamped metal tiles
  • Installing rubber reinforcements for vulnerable areas
  • Deciding on the trim for the finishes of metal roofing tiles

The metal roofing tile is great for creating the look of shingles and other premium materials. These products are installed like asphalt shingles but will cost a little more. You also want to make sure to use rubber reinforcement at flashing of metal tile roofing.

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing for a Custom Design

Another premium metal roofing material that can be installed on your home is a standing-seam roof. These materials are ideal for custom designs and features for your home. Some things to remember when installing a standing-seam roof include:

  • Use a durable rubber-like underlayment
  • Choose the width of roof sections for your design
  • Use materials that have a durable powder-coated finish

The installation of a standing-seam roof will give your home a custom design. These roofing systems are also resistant to problems with wind damage and leaks.

Choosing the Custom Details to Complete Metal Roofing

There are also options to add custom details to your home with a new metal roof. The options that you will want to consider for these custom metal roof details include:

  • Premium copper roofing details
  • Decorative details added to metal roofing finishes
  • Custom architectural metal details with metal roofing installation

Even if you are using other roofing materials, metal can be a great solution for architectural features. You can use premium copper materials for roofing on smaller features like porches or a counter-lever roof.

Metal roofing is also a fire-resistant material, which makes it an excellent choice for rural homes. Call a new roofing service and talk to them about these metal roofing systems for your home.