6 Tips For Increasing Energy Efficiency With Your Roof

The main purpose of a roof is to protect your home from the elements--everything from rain and snow to wind and hail. What you may not know is that your roof has a tremendous impact on your energy usage. Roofs that are maintained properly and made of energy-efficient materials reduce the workload on your HVAC system, making it easier to keep your utility bills in check. If you are ready to replace your roof or your existing roof needs extensive maintenance, keep these tips in mind to reduce energy usage at the same time. Read More 

Are You Building A Mexican Restaurant?

Is your goal of having your own Mexican restaurant about to come true? Perhaps you love to cook and you have dozens of family recipes that go back to times when you ate meals at your grandmother's house. If you have decided that you could be successful by putting those recipes to work in a restaurant, you are more than likely in the process of deciding how to design the actual restaurant. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Using Spray Foam Roofing

Are you looking for a new roofing material that is energy efficiency? If so, you may be thinking about using spray foam as your next roofing material. Before you move forward with having it installed, it is important to know the pros and cons of the roofing material. Spray Foam Roofing Pros Spray foam is a popular choice for business due to it being strong and durable. Once applied, the spray foam roofing material will be waterproof and seamless, and can even stick to your building's existing roof without any issues. Read More 

Here’s What to Expect with a Roof Replacement on Your Home

If you've never had to replace the roof on your house, you may be wondering what to expect when it's time to put a new roof on. Fortunately, getting a new roof isn't something you'll need to do often, but it's important not to postpone it when it's necessary, or your home could sustain water damage. Here is a look at the process of getting a roof replacement. The Process Starts with Choosing Your Roofing Read More 

How To Ensure Your Roof Meets Safety Standards

Your roof protects your home from a lot of forces including rain and strong winds. This is why it's important for any roof to meet certain minimal safety requirements. If your roof doesn't meet the safety requirements that have been put in place, it can easily go from protector to hazard in an extreme weather event. However, knowing that there are safety standards is not the same as meeting these safety standards. Read More