3 Dangers Associated With A Roofing Leak

Roofing leaks are obviously destructive, as water that is allowed to seep into the interior of your house freely can wreak all sorts of havoc depending on what materials that it comes into contact with. Understanding what some of the most common dangers associated with roofing leaks can help you know what to watch out for if you do experience a roofing leak, and encourage you to take steps to proactively prevent leaks from happening in the future through regular roofing maintenance. Read More 

Is Overlaying Shingles An Option For Your Reroofing Project?

When the roofing on your home fails, the damage extends well beyond the roof itself. If you're considering having your home reroofed, you may be considering having a roofing overlay installed. Opting to overlay the existing roofing consists of just that—instead of all of the old roofing materials being ripped off and disposed of, the new roofing materials are placed directly over them. This could be a money-saving option in some cases, but it's not suitable for others. Read More 

Rattled By Your Shingled Roof? What New Homeowners Want To Know About Residential Roofing

The roof is one of the most important components of the home. It shelters the occupants and their possessions inside the home, as well as helping to reinforce and strengthen the entire structure of the house. When the condition of the roof is impacted, it can lead to a wide variety of serious home repair issues, including moisture infiltration, mold, wood rot, and more. But even though most new homeowners are well aware of the importance of their home's roof, many still have a long list of questions to help them learn how to spot problems and deal with residential roofing repair. Read More 

4 Reasons To Replace Your Roof

One of the things you may need to do over time is put a new roof on your home. While this can be a costly project, it's an important one that is necessary for the sturdiness of your property. The good news is you can accomplish this goal in a quick amount of time when you have the right professional to assist you. Being aware of the top reasons to put a new roof in place may be the motivation you need to get started. Read More 

The Basics Of Applying A Reflecting Roof Coating

Does your building have a roof that is flat and black? If so, know that the surface color can be responsible for absorbing heat from the sun, which results in the space inside being hotter than normal. These types of roofs can really benefit from using a reflecting roof coating. Here are the basics for applying one on your own. Tools and Materials You'll need these items before you can get started: Read More