4 Tips For Making Bold Colors Work For Your Roof

Metal roofing provides almost unlimited color options. As a homeowner, when you choose a metal roof, you are no longer bound by either traditional or natural colors. However, many homeowners still choose a color that is close to ones found in other materials. If you want to break out of the mold and choose a truly bold color for your roof, metal roofing will allow you to do so. But because your roof will stand out, it is important that you follow some simple guidelines to pull off a non-traditional look, such as: Read More 

3 Tips For Winterizing Your Roof

One thing you will want to consistently do involves taking care of your roof. This will require some hard work and dedication on your part to accomplish. It's essential during the winter months to invest the right amount of effort into caring for your roof. Being aware of simple things you can do to enable your roof to withstand this time of year can be helpful. Tip #1: Clean the gutters Read More 

2 Tips To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape This Fall

Now that fall is almost here, there are many things you need to do outside to get ready for it. One of these things is to prevent damage to your roof. There are many things that can damage a roof and especially around the fall months. To prevent this from happening to you, below are two tips so you will not have to replace your roof. Leaves Once fall arrives the leaves start to fall and this includes falling on your roof if you have trees near your home. Read More 

What Should You Do About Shingles Lifting Up Along Your Roof Edge?

When you look up at your roof, do you notice that the shingles along the edges are starting to lift up? This is commonly one of the first signs of wear and tear to appear on a roof, and it leads many homeowners to assume they need to replace their entire roof. However, in most cases, you can just repair the shingles along the edge, take a few steps to ensure they don't suffer so much damage in the future, and put off replacing the roof for a few more years until the rest of the shingles are showing wear, too. Read More 

Have The Recent Storms Destroyed Your Roof? 3 Steps To Help You Recover From The Damage

Now that the severe weather has passed, it's time to start dealing with the cleanup. Hurricanes and strong tropical storms can wreak havoc on your home from top to bottom. Flooding can destroy the interior of your home, while strong winds and rains can destroy your roof; not to mention the damage it can do to the rest of your home. If your home has sustained roof damage during this last storm, you'll need to act fast to take care of the repairs. Read More